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lizard king mushroom

Buy lizard King Mushrooms Immediately, consumer experience enhances mood, excitement, and euphoria.

The Lizard King lets you connect with yourself and the people and things around you.

It is an excellent strain for someone who wants to get high & spend time outdoors while exploring Mother Nature.

You may experience mild or intense visual hallucinations, depending on the dosage.

Most users testify that Lizard king mushroom have changed their daily lives by placing them into deeply reflective thoughts that combine powerful emotions with mystical experiences in some ways.

Buy Lizard King mushrooms Effects

The Lizard king strain is another shroom that is more “psychedelic” than others

The spiritual awakening, strong feelings of inner-self, and deep reflective thoughts this cubensis strain creates make it a highly coveted mushroom strain for experienced psychonauts.

  • Minimum body high
  • intense hallucinations
  • Deep introspection
  • Consumer experiences enhanced moods

These qualities make the lizard king shroom variety hold numerous therapeutic properties which have been scientifically proven.




14 grams, 1 Oz, 1Lb

1 review for Buy lizard King Mushrooms

  1. Daniel

    Really excellent mushroom with an intense trip.

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