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Enigma Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Enigma) is a very special and rare blob mutation of the P. Cubensis mushrooms that do not sporulate. What does this actually mean? It means that this mutation is not able to reproduce itself through producing and spreading spores like conventional mushroom fruits. We were in search of this shroom strain for many years and finally sourced the real deal, we have very limited quantities.   

 The Enigma is a mutation of the Tidal Wave shrooms strain which originates from the ever popular B+ and Penis Envy magic mushrooms strains. Because this strain does not reproduce itself through spores, it is propagated through cloning which is a tedious process. Although this is one of the slower growing mushrooms it is generally 3-5 times more potent than most magic mushroomsThis strain is not recommended for beginners. 

The Enigma shrooms grow just like other P. Cubensis mushrooms by pinning, but instead of developing into mushrooms with caps, they remain as pins until they get larger and start merging with each other, creating what looks like brain matter, cauliflower, or coral. The masses of fungal tissues that grow do not produce spores and start turning bluish when they are ready for harvest. The blobs are dense and slow growing which contributes to its extreme high potency.

able to reproduce and can only be created by either cloning or going through the original process.

The strain is highly potent and has been in the spotlight after winning the Psilocybin Cup held in Oakland California of the last Spring Season for the highest tryptamine content.


Buy Enigma Magic Mushrooms is not a species. Rather, it is a mutant form or, perhaps several mutant forms of the popular psychoactive species, Psilocybe cubensis. It’s what’s called a “blob mutation.” More on what that means shortly, but it doesn’t produce spores. Instead, Enigma must be propagated entirely by cloning.

For many years, Enigma was difficult to get, or even find out much about. The secret of its growth was kept to a small, inner circle for which membership was strictly invitation-only the culture has become more widely available, but it’s still more than a little unusual.

There is, in fact, more than one Buy Enigma Magic Mushrooms is , since the blob mutation has occurred in multiple P. cubensis strains. It’s a little unclear whether the different blobs are distinct from each other in any recognizable way.

We need to acknowledge before we get started here that possession or use of the psychoactive substance, psilocybin, is illegal in most jurisdictions. Penalties can be extremely draconian. Please do not use any information in this article to get arrested. Know the law in your area. We don’t want to lose readers.

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Enigma’s claim to fame is that it doesn’t exactly produce mushrooms. When it begins to fruit, it pins just like ordinary P. cubensis, but then something odd happens. The pins don’t start to form caps. Instead, they just get larger and larger and eventually merge together, forming masses of fungal tissue that may resemble brains, cauliflower (the plant), or cauliflower mushrooms. They never make spores.

The masses blobs are dense, slow-growing, and often bluish. They can be quite large.

The Enigma blobs may look extremely unusual, but they can be used exactly like psychoactive mushrooms can. They can also be preserved in the same ways, but drying or by immersion in honey. The blobs are actually a better candidate for honey than most mushrooms.

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Growing Enigma Cubensis. The Enigma culture begins like any other P. cubensis culture, except that it will start with liquid culture rather than spores (remember that Enigma does not produce spores). Whichever method you prefer to grow magic mushrooms, PF Tek, Monotube, Shotgun, or grow bags, give it a try. If P. cubensis likes it, Enigma will like it. Colonization time is within the normal range.

Psilocybe Cubensis Enigma

Psilocybin is one of the safest forms of mind-altering, but it’s not entirely risk-free. Learning and practicing safety procedures is essential and not traveling alone is necessary. Potency and Dosage. Enigma is reportedly more potent, sometimes much more powerful than most other strains of P. cubensis. That means that to get the same experience, you need a smaller dose.

Enigma Mushroom potency provides a unique high, provide feelings of intense love, and vivid imagery and can produce an out-of-body experience. Being one of the most time-consuming to grow and potent strains, they are rare and desirable.


14 grams, Oz, 1Lb


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