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Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules, Microdosing involves regularly consuming a very small amount of a psychedelic substance. The dose should be so minuscule that it’s sub-perceptual.

How to Microdose Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules

While you may have been imagining popping a shroom into your mouth, along with your pancakes and coffee every morning, it’s unfortunately not that simple to microdose Psilocybin.

Don’t be discouraged though, we wouldn’t say it’s that difficult either.

Microdosing requires you to take a very specific amount of psychedelic substance.

Too little and there won’t be any results, but too much and your day may become a bit too colorful.

Before you consume your shrooms you need to dry them out and grind them into a powder.

Something to keep in mind is that different mushroom strains, different individual mushrooms, and different parts of shrooms will contain different quantities of psychedelic substance.

How Much Should You Take When Microdosing Psilocybin?

Once you’ve ground up your powder, it’s time to measure it out.

To have a psychedelic trip on magic mushrooms, the average human would take a 3.5-gram dose. A microdose should be about 1/10 that, so around, or even less than, .35 grams. Most people who microdose take .3 grams, but it’s really going to depend on things such as the size of your body.

However, when you begin microdosing, you should start with even less, and then work your way up to .3 grams. For your first dose, it’s recommended that you measure out a dose of .1 grams.

Once you feel comfortable, after your first couple doses, you can incrementally move the amount up until you reach a dose that achieves your desired effect

Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules contain

Chaga mushrooms have immune-boosting effects, a high count of antioxidants, inflammation control properties, and anti-tumour properties, and are powerful blood sugar stabilizers.

These psychedelic mushrooms do have similar improvements on therapeutic effects regardless of their placebo effect.

Our Vegan Capsules:
– Capsules of plant cellulosic raw material
– Preservative Free
– Satisfies vegetarian, dietary and cultural requirements
– Eliminates concerns of BSE
– Manufactured in North America

Together with the anti-inflammatory and liver function-boosting properties of Chaga, our microdose capsules are formulated for targeted health benefits to both cognition and overall health.


30 pills, 60 pills

13 reviews for Magic Mushroom Microdose Capsules

  1. Colleen C

    These capsules are perfect worth every cent

  2. Bard

    Great product, fastest delivery. Microdose these capsules once every week and I get lots of insight.

  3. Norman

    These are really great microdose buzz!! Love them

  4. Mason

    The reality is that I like this for my spiritual excursions. Best service ever!

  5. Shirley

    I am in love with these, they work perfectly for anxiety and sleepless nights! Will continue to purchase from you.

  6. Sarah

    I am always pleased with the quality consistency of your capsules. just right for a bit extra chill.

  7. Darinm

    Good trip when i took 8 caps. Beat the hell out of eating raw mushrooms. Will definitely purchase again.

  8. Shannon

    I really like that they are in smaller doses, so you can manage how much you can take. i took 5 the first time i tried them, and it was a very fun buzz. I enjoyed them very much and I would recommend them to people.

  9. Anthony

    Great for someone suffering from depression, worth every penny.

  10. Olivier

    Can’t wait to order again, perfect for microdosing!!

  11. Dillon

    Great product, would highly recommend

  12. Dave

    This is the most natural medication you’ll need to prescribe for yourself.

  13. Madyson

    Great with someone who deals with everyday anxiety, will purchase again

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