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Changa DMT is a  mixture containing the psychoactive substance dimethyltryptamine (DMT), mixed with blend of psychotria viridis (aka chacruna) and Baniseriopsis Caapi, which contains a monoamine oxidase inhibitor which is smokable.

Smokeable blend Changa  was Australian psychonaut Julian Palmer efforts in the early 90s, and used as an alternative to crystallised DMT. The issue with smoking the freebase version of DMT was that the effects came on hard and fast smoking DMT in its crystallised form can be a tumultuous ride.

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Since changa is a smoking blend, you can easily smoke it in the form of joints, in a pipe, or in a bong.

With freebase DMT, in contrast, you need to be a bit more skillful in how you use it.

You don’t want to allow the flame of a lighter to touch the crystals directly, as this can burn them.

The result will be harsh smoke (and wasted DMT). Instead, you want to vaporize the substance, which means applying heat (but not a direct flame).

Effects of Changa DMT

The effects of Changa come from the DMT contained within chacruna. This included

  • strong hallucinations
  • like hearing voices
  • entering an internally generated world that did not depend on sensory experience.

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For 50 percent DMT changa, common blends include:

  • Ayahuasca Android: 70 percent caapi, 30 percent chaliponga
  • Dream Scape: 60 percent Calea zacatechichi, 40 percent brugmansia
  • Sweet Discovery: 37.5 percent lavender, 37.5 percent calamus, 25 percent eucalyptus
  • Electric Sheep: 50 percent blue lotus, 50 percent Calea zacatechichi
  • Bancopuma: 33 percent caapi, 22 percent mullein, 22 percent peppermint, 20 percent passionflower, 3 percent blue lotus
  • Awareness: 37.5 percent yerba mate, 37.5 percent nettle, 25 percent mint
  • Witch Drum: 40 percent blue lotus, 40 percent Calea zacatechichi, 20 percent passionflower
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  • Threshold: 2-5 mg
  • Light: 10-20 mg
  • Common: 20-40 mg
  • Strong: 40-60 mg
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2 reviews for Changa DMT

  1. Caleb

    I smoked this shit bro and got hit by a moving train

  2. Enaud

    I love it! the MAOI seem to help the DMT come a bit smoother for me, like a roller coaster instead of a rocketship…..highly recommended.

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